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NOTE - November 22nd graduation meet and greet is Tuesday night 11/21/17.



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This is used so we can plan for the number of attendees for dinner. Sarge's meet and greet is held the night before PIR. The event is open to all ages. Proudly sponsored by my wife and I. Recruits will not be present for this event.  

My wife and I have been hosting this pre-graduation event for six years.  Last year (2016) we provided over 19,000 meals for our new Navy Families. It is a nice way to meet other Navy families in a relaxed setting. If you cannot attend and wish to make a contribution to help us provide meals for our future Navy families, you may do so by using PayPal® at  The meet and greet is totally funded by kind contributions from our Navy families and none of the food or labor is donated. Your support insures that our new Navy families can enjoy the comradely this night offers and a chance to meet those who you have been communicating with on facebook. Neither the U.S. Navy or any other organization contributes to the funding for us to host this event. 
Basic information about the meet and greet:

Although we provided over nineteen thousand free meals to Navy families in 2016, we kindly ask for your voluntary contributions to offset our out-of-pocket expenses.  We are not supported by the U.S. Navy, nor D.O.D.  nor any charitable organization or NWR.  We will also raffle baskets, if you’d like to bring a basket, either your choice or themed to your home state, please do so. If you’re contributing a basket, please download the form on our website at and also take a moment to read the family survival guide.

The Lakehurst Event Center allows us to use the entire first floor of their Corporate Center to our new Navy families every  night before graduation.  My wife and I cover the catered food, labor, setup, and cleaning expenses.  Alcohol is available for purchase, if you so choose. We believe in paying forward and your kind support through kind contributions and raffle tickets insures that the future Navy families will have the same opportunity to attend this gala event prior to graduation like you do. It is always a fun and informative night, so I thank you in advance! Please pass the word around to other guest at your hotel as they may not be aware of the event. Children are most welcome.
As I stated above, no contribution or donation is required to eat however; your generous - heartfelt contributions, are needed so my family and I can continue to host this event for our new Navy families 48 weeks a year. If you wish to contribute securely, please go to  - no PayPal® account is needed. Dress is very casual - come as you like.

Seating is by division number. When you enter the lobby, please sign in at the guest table and make your name tag with your name, and your sailor’s division number. The division seating signs will be on the railings. There is one LARGE round table reserved for physically challenged individuals. There is no other reserved seating other than by division, first come, first served.

There will be several tables reserved for the Great Lakes “A” school students and special guest. Please respect the “reserved signs”
Last but not least - the buffet line will remain open until all the food is gone. The contribution box is located at the head of the buffet table. Beverages are provided at the bar for a reasonable cost, The family who own the Lakehurst Event Center provide our Navy Families use of the room for free. Please drink responsibly
4:45 PM Guests start to arrive 
5:15 - 5:45 PM Division Photo taking
5:45 - 6:15 Dancing and greeting
6:15 PM Invocation and Buffet line is opened. We cater in  - pasta, fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, oriental noodles, sausage and peppers, meatballs, veggies, Olive Garden® bread sticks, salad, fruit trays, and my wife's world famous brownies. During dinner there will be a film on Boot Camp, Battle Stations 21, and the continuous slide show on what to expect this weekend.
7:15 PM - Pledge of Allegiance and Flag Tribute
7:30 PM - Tribute to Veterans and National Anthem
7:45 PM Overview of slides that were shown during dinner including shortcuts to graduation hall which will save you an hour of waiting on line at Buckley road.
NOTE: you can download the presentation at 
8:20- 9:PM - Basket raffles
NOTE ** Please double check your e-mail address. If it is incorrect,  you will not receive a confirmation. When you receive your RSVP confirmation, the event address will be included and there will be an internal link to the "must have" PDF. Please check your junk mail and spam mail folders for your confirmation.  Times are approximate based upon the number of guest attending. Normally there are 300-500 guest attending. 



Enjoy a night out hosted by MYNAVYTAXI.COM®  My wife and I host the famous "Sarge's Meet and Greet" as a way to give back and interact with the community and our Navy loved ones. Attend our next event to learn more about us and what is going to happen on PIR day.

This is a private event and is by invitation only.

• Event: Sarge's Meet & Greet

• Times: 4:45 PM until 9:00 PM
• This is a PRIVATE Navy Boot Camp pre-graduation party BY INVITATION ONLY. It will be a fun and informative night.

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